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Stewardship Aims

Community-led local development

To support genuine, community-led management of local initiatives

Green and open space

To deliver innovative and creative community-led stewardship of green and open spaces

Climate and environment

To support strong and effective local responses to the ecological and climate crises

Community-led housing

To facilitate long-term, sustainable and affordable housing solutions to meet
identified local needs

Social and economic resilience

To support initiatives that improve health, social, and educational outcomes and promote sustainable travel and economic resiliency

Robust, community-led oversight

To sustain community-led placemaking with strong institutional governance and financial sustainability in perpetuity

Bespoke Stewardship Solutions

Every place and every development site is different. Different assets will be stewarded in different places and different stakeholders will be involved. However, every solution we help to deliver has the same foundations.

Stewardship diagram

Negotiation and planning

  • Discussions and negotiations with key stakeholders (community, Local Planning Authority, developer, landowners)
  • Planning advice, e.g. drafting of S106 Heads of Terms
  • Scope, scale, and phasing of assets
  • Stewardship approaches and vehicles
  • Financial regime (endowment, developer contributions etc.)


  • Drafts of governing documents
  • Asset transfer
  • Management charges

Developing the stewardship vehicle

  • Options appraisal
  • Identifying local ‘pioneers’
  • Visioning
  • Organisational and legal structures
  • Community development strategy
    • Outreach and engagement
    • Volunteer work parties
    • School links
    • Employment initiatives

Asset management support

  • Green and open space management
    • Biodiversity net gain
    • Habitat creation, rewilding, enhancement of local ecology
    • Nature recovery, creation of linked-up areas
    • Seedbanks and agro-diversity
    • Allotments and common lands
  • Community building management and financial planning
    • Input into planning re: design of buildings
    • Exploration of commercial revenue from community building operations within
    • Revenue requirements for facilities management
    • Facilities, HR and health and safety requirements etc.
  • Community-led housing
    • Opportunities/ strategy to meet housing requirements via community-led approaches