This former sand quarry, owned and operated by Tarmac for many years, comprises a substantial water body adjacent to the River Thames at Little Marlow. It is an important refuge for birds and over time has seen growth of reedbeds. A local trust sought to secure a long-term stewardship arrangement over this area as part of the creation of a wider new Country Park to the east of Marlow. As an area attracting development interest, it was seen as a key green space which could be preserved for wildlife and the local community. Stephen McKenna supported negotiations with the Local Authority and other owners on behalf of the trust and devised proposals that would give the Trust a secure income to sustain its future operations. Although Tarmac sold their interest, the Local Authority has continued to work with the Trust to develop the wider Country Park with the Spade Oak site at its heart. This remains a work in progress but there is great support from the community for a sustainable stewardship mechanism.