Our people



Camilla is Chief Executive of Wild Oxfordshire, a charity seeking to create a more natural, resilient, and biodiverse Oxfordshire for the benefit of all. We bring people together to take action for nature – catalysing change by identifying conservation needs and supporting nature recovery action across the County. We collaborate with numerous individuals, communities, and organisations, offering expertly curated and inspiring information, bespoke advice, and nature-based solutions.

Our Community Ecology Program has been empowering communities to take the best action for nature for 25 years. Our work conserves and enhances iconic local habitats, creates habitat connectivity for species to move, creates open spaces for people to exercise, green spaces for good mental health, clean air by absorbing pollutants, and carbon storage. We provide a chance for people to connect to nature and promote an outdoor learning resource by encouraging volunteering, which prevents isolation, creates community cohesion, creates a sense of place and belonging, and develops skills and knowledge.

We offer community groups bespoke advice on how to create and manage their greenspaces for habitats and species, create management plans with them, provide monthly information on training, advice and funding through our Environmental Email Bulletin and social media channels, run events, talks, training, and conferences on Nature’s Recovery and what communities and others can do to help.

Camilla is an experienced, proactive, and capable ecologist and leader with significant experience of collaborating with a wide range of partners, including professional scientists and communities.